Authentic Christianity makes a difference "on the ground" as it finds expression in acts of compassion, mercy and justice. That's why one of our mission statements is to 'Care for the Hurting'. A few of the ways we outwork that goal are shown below:


Christians Against Poverty. 

In April of 2019 Gateway began a partnership with a Christians Against Poverty to launch a Debt Centre in Basingstoke. This is our first step on a mission to see hundreds of families, couples and individuals in Basingstoke released from the crushing struggle of unmanageable debt. This partnership with CAP will bring free, award winning, judgement-free debt counselling and hope to 10’s of families every year in Basingstoke.

Struggling with debt? Visit or call on 0800 328 0006

In time we hope to launch further groups helping people find work, supporting people with life skills, employment and helping breaking free from addiction through the CAP partnership. 

If you're interested in CAP then money advice expert Martin Lewis helps give a sense of it in the video below:


How can I get involved in helping others?

In addition to what we do individually and with CAP, Gateway has a network of a people (known as 'M68') who are helping to establish practical ways for the Church to show God's love to those in need. It takes it’s name from chapter 6 of a book of the Bible called Micah which says "And what does the Lord require of you? to act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God."

Currently this group is focussing on four priority areas:

Serving those in need.

We are motivated by the love and example of Jesus to show God’s love practically to those in need - as individuals, families and together as a Church. This group exists to find new ways to meet the immediate needs of people in Basingstoke. 


Wellbeing and Mental health.

Led by Tayo and supported by a diverse and multi-skilled core team, this team is developing ways that Gateway can help to holistically meet the needs of those who may be hurting or ill, emotionally pained or overburdened with life’s challenges, and require restorative Christian help and care.

The elderly and isolated.

This emerging team is focused on shaping Gateway's activities to care for the isolated in Basingstoke - particularly the isolated elderly, as well as helping 'third agers' find God's good purposes for them. 

Adoption and Fostering.

This group provides an opportunity for those involved, or interested, in adoption and fostering to give and receive support and advice. The group also explores ways that the whole church community can practically support the families that feel called to serve in this way.