We’re so pleased you’re thinking about exploring life, meaning and faith with us.  Maybe you’ve never been to church or aren’t clear on what authentic Christianity is all about. Maybe you’re asking what Christians believe and why, or maybe you’ve attended church for a while but, to be honest, have never felt it ‘clicked’.  Whatever stage you’re at, if you’re thinking about faith there’s a way for you to explore.


The best way to find out about church is to experience it for yourself. We are meeting every Sunday at 10.30am. If you are not yet able or comfortable to meet with us in-person, you can find us on the Gateway Church Basingstoke YouTube channel.

You don’t have to be Christian, or even pretend to be, to come along - you can join us, just as you are. You won’t be alone,  it’s rare that we don’t have people exploring faith "in the room". You can find out more about what to expect on your first visit here.  If there’s anything we haven’t covered then you can message us at .

We will running our normal children’s activities every Sunday from September, where the smaller members of the Gateway family get to dance around, worship and learn the truth of how much Jesus loves them - and the exciting adventure he has for them - through dynamic and engaging stories. There’s usually an awesome craft in there somewhere too. Our children’s work is split into two age group Little Stars (age 3 to year 'R') and big noise (school years 1-6). Sign-up happens before the service and a clear sign goes up mid way through the worship children know when their meeting is starting. Every member of our awesome kids team has a DBS check.

As well as activities for children we have a rolling programme for our youth group (Encounter) to provide a place for them to learn about Jesus as well as building friendships with each other. 


Explore life. Explore meaning. Explore faith.

Our Alpha has now gone virtual. To express an interest message us at .

Where: Alpha is now happening online!
When: The launch of the next virtual Alpha will be determined by how many express an interest! If you message us above then we'll get back to you with more details.
What: Over several weeks we meet together to help people, whether searching or sceptical, to  explore the heart of Christianity over a series of Tuesday or Wednesday evenings.

We look at we look at the big questions, explore the evidence and grapple with objections. 

Alpha is for anyone…whether you’re new to church, have burning questions or just want to come and listen.
Alpha is for you…  so you get to be honest; no questions are “out-of-bounds” and you're free to take part as little or as much as they like.
Alpha is free… Now we can't meet at Starbucks it's case of 'bring your own coffee'.

If you aren’t sure whether the course is for you then you’re virtually drop in for the first session and see what you think. No pressure. 

If you're searching for more or searching for answers we're persuaded that Jesus has the answers to the greatest questions of our time and the deepest longings of our heart. 

If you're sceptical we'd encourage you interrogate Christianity's central claims, test it's foundations, use your mind, embrace your scepticism and consider the possibility that you haven't engaged your doubt enough.

For more information or to sign-up please email

Life Groups

Finding a community to get involved with and build relations with people can be the best way of working through your questions and seeing if Christianity really makes a difference to people. We run a number of midweek groups - which we call Life Groups - with the aim of helping people Connect. To find out more click here


Maybe we’ve tackled some of your specific questions before. You can find a selection of our previous talks designed to help you explore here and a series of talks designed to engage with big objections here